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"The Vector is just it!  It has the best action of any pedal I have ever played.  It is effortless but with a fantastic impact, and the ergonomic adjustments make a HUGE difference!  It is almost like the bass drum is playing itself!"


Per Lindvall

ABBA,  Stevie Wonder, A-ha,  Ray Charles, Maceo Parker, Michael Ruff....

"I use Vector Pedals because of their smooth consistent feel and the versatile
positioning of all operating parts which allows them to become one with my foot.
They are an amazing pieces of craftsmanship."


Terry Baker

Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Aretha Franklin, BeBe Winans, Andre Crouch,

Hezekiah Walker

"With a completely ergonomic design, the Vector pedal gets it right every time!  My foot loves it!"


Anthony "Tiny" Buiso"

T.S.O.L & Rhino Bucket


"  There is nothing like being comfortable behind the kit, and the Vector pedal lets you create your own set-up that works with you, which is why I love playing vector pedals!"


Amber Baker


Alex Bugnon Alejandro Sans, Steve Bailey, John Patitucci, Kirk Franklin, Fred Hammond

Snarky Puppy, Tye Tribbett, Jonathan Nelson, Doobie Powell, Rizen, David Fuizinski

Planet Microjam

"I love The Vector , it's a smooth pedal it also helps me body aligned with my bass drum , I use to have to turn my bass drum to the side in a slight angle to get the perfect position. Now I just adjust the pedal to compensate that . My back feels better as  it has helped my playing posture ."


John Watson

Cameo, Tina Marie, DFUNK Allstars, Fantasia.......


""The Vector pedal is by far the smoothest, most comfortable pedal I have come across... And I have played a few. I have been waiting for a product like this to come along for a while now, and it's finally here. Everything about it just makes sense!"


Kwesi Yvorra,

Warner studios

"The Vector is hands down the best pedal I've ever used"


Tai "Icepak" Jackson



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