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Some comments from satisfied drummers

"Hello, I got my pedal today and I am so happy with it, what a great product.

T. Knutsen"

" It is nice, good response, very solid. I actually really like it. The sliding pedal mechanism is a bit confusing but it does work. I would actually say it is a very comfortable pedal. It is also a very FAT sounding pedal. Lots of control and power which definitely could be attributed to the angle of the pedal. Really great pedal."

Student, Berklee College of Music, Boston

"I've been using the pedal at every gig since NAMM. Love it! Not sure I'll be able to use anything else ever again. Thanks! Ha!"

"Hello, I first was introduced to the Vector a few years ago on tour with Bow Thayer. We were playing at the Green Room in Flagstaff with one of Bow's old friends, Nolan McKelvey. I used Nolan's drummer's kit that night and was blown away by this pedal. And thanks for letting me use your kit!!! Seeing the Modern Drummer review reinforced my theory that this was a revolutionary take on the ordinary bass drum pedal. I've had the pedal for a few weeks, and used it on 2 recording sessions and several shows already. All I can say is that it has been absolutely badass! I feel much more comfortable behind the kit. I play a combination of heel down and heel up, depending on the situation. I also never bury the beater, and this pedal has made everything seem effortless. I introduced the pedal to several drummers since my purchase, and one, Jeff Allison, liked it so much, he played it for his whole set when we shared a bill a few weeks ago. I think you will have another customer real soon. I will continue spreading the word. Anyway, I would just like to say thank you for a great product! Keep up the great work.

Jeff Berlin,"

"the VECTOR pedal is hands down the best bass drum pedal i've ever used !!"

Tali "Icepack" Jackson

"H*** **** - I love the pedal! I've tried the pedal at home a bit and want to give it a full work out on a gig, but the pedal feels great and make difference. It really does make you go "why the hell do we set up like that" and "why doesn't every pedal do this?" "The Vector Pedal has a solid, quality feel to it. As I play it straight on, or from an angle, I am able to maintain a consistent amount of control and power. I like that the footboard is long and wide, it easy to keep contact with. Another interesting and positive aspect of the pedal is the amount of features and adjustments that can be made. The only issue that I encountered is that when the clamp is connected to the bass drum’s hoop, the heal raises up of the floor. Aside from that, the Vector Pedal is a quality pedal that I would recommend to another a drummer. The carrying case is cool too."

Student, Berklee College of Music, Boston "The Vector G3 Pedal is awesome! Easy to use right out of the box. The speed and action is excellent and is as strong and sturdy as they come without unnecessary weight. With the ability to angle the heel plate, the cam position as well as the clamp, the Vector becomes one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on the kit without losingperformance. A real pleasure to play!"

Student, Berklee College of Music, Boston

"The playability is very good. I'm achieving things with a little less effort than I could on other pedals. Also, I think it looks great."

Student, Berklee College of Music, Boston

"Wow! The footplate angle and smooth bearing action just blew me the **** away. Usually my left foot feels strained and my upper leg has to work at some point... But I was able to sustain good, solid movement for much longer than usual, I mean, I could absolutely feel it like never before"

D.A., Los Angeles

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